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About Us

Flexible Container

  • S-Pouch Pak Co., Ltd. Pouch manufacturer, develop, worldwide patented, flexible contianainer.. 
  • Combination between rigid bottle twisting cap and flexible stand up pouch, we invent revolutionary cap on the top gusset of Stand up pouch. Not only has functionality as rigid bottle with twisting cap, also have the protection given by flexible film material.
  • We design, build our own production machinery, exclusively for us and our licensing partners around the world. 
  • We also develop machinery to fill our flexible container, such as filling machine, capping, liner sealing… etc. 
  • Not to mention our spout collections, we create, design and own most of the spout's injection tools, just to fulfill customers’ demand to fit all functions. 
  • 我們接合了硬瓶子的旋轉蓋和軟性站立袋,使內容物擁有可重複使用的開蓋,和保護內容物的外層塑膠,可以使用非常豔麗的印刷,以及非塑膠性的層,例如鋁箔材料。 
  • 我們使用自行研發的生產設備,擁有大部分的瓶口射出模具,來符合客戶不同的需求。

Wide Product’s Range

We develop our standard packaging with spouts and caps named as s-pouch, jar-pouch, paste-pouch, handle-pouch, and cubi-pouch:

  • paste-pouch : 100 ml – 250 ml 
  • s-pouch : 300 ml – 1500 ml 
  • jar-pouch : 1500 ml – 2000 ml 
  • handle-pouch : 2 liter – 5 liter 
  • cubi-pouch : 5 liter – 25 liter 

Great solution for re-usable flexible container solution for liquid, granule or even powder products, suitable for all industries from food to chemical products. 


Our Services:

  • We sell customized premade pouches to customers, they fill them with existing filling machine or purchase one from us. 
  • Non-Printed or Printed In-stock premade pouches are also available. 
  • We licensed our technology to appointed partners around the world to expand strategically and globally. 
  • We also help customers to build new packaging or container solutions, complete with production and equipment solutions. 
  • 我們生產客製化包裝袋,也生產公版瓶口式軟性容器、填充機補助設備。同時將此技術與授權方式給指定夥伴在全球各地生產此產品。 
  • 我們也替客戶開發前所未有的包裝及容器產品,我們解決方案同時包含生產設備或代工生產業務。

Contact Us

Drop us a line! or email to radia@ms12.hinet.net

Start to find your Container solutions. 尋找適合您的容器

  • We love to help customers to develop new packaging or container solutions, usually start from sketch, you will hear the real sound you like.
  • What we have: All your need to know : Shape, Size, Volume, Quantity, Spouts, Colors, Printing, Film Material …  Feel free to contact us. 
  • 我們非常喜歡從草稿開發新包裝貨軟性容器產品。 
  • 請和我們連絡取得您想要知道的: 尺寸、形式、容量、數量、顏色、瓶口規格、薄膜原料、目錄的訊息。

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